About US MedClinic: (We DO NOT Process Insurance!)


US MedClinic is a "Direct Pay" Medical clinic providing a wide range of services, including Primary, Urgent, and Occupational Healthcare. "Direct Pay" means we DO NOT process insurance at our clinic.

Reason's we don't process insurance:

     1. We lower our prices, saving patients money.

     2. We spend more time with patients, improving patient care and outcomes.

     3. Medical information remains confidential, no sharing with 3rd parties.

     4. Decreases the complexity of documentation.

Primary Care Plans:

For patients needing primary care services, we have plans ranging from $25-$100 per month.

Walk-In Care:

Visiting the doctor's office can be tough, especially when sick. We try to make the process enjoyable by offering complimentary bottled water in a calm and relaxing reception and treatment areas. We try our best to minimize wait times. Our average wait time is approximately 15 minutes.


Primary Care

Urgent Care

Occupational Medicine

Dermatology Services

Minor Surgical / Procedure changes

Botox Cosmetics & SkinMedica Solutions

Lab Services

Onsite X-Ray

Consultant and Specialty referal and coordination.

Brent Harris MD

2001: Biology, Chemistry, Physics: Berry College: Rome, GA.

2007: Medical Doctor: Mercer University School of Medicine. Macon / Savannah, GA.

2012: Family Medicine Residency: University Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX.

2012: Licensed Georgia Medical Board / Board Certified Academy of Family Medicine.

2016: Founded US MedClinic.

Amy Hicks, Family Nurse Practitioner

2011: R.N. / University of West Georgia / Grady Hospital.

2015: Grady Trauma Service Coordinator.

2017: Masters Nursing, South University, GA.

2017: Joined US MedClinic team.

James Ingram MD

1973: Biology, Zoology. New York College at Geneseo

1985. Medical Doctor: University of Alabama School Medicine

1990-2004: Carrollton Surgical Group.

1995-98: Chief of Surgery. Tanner Health System

2000-03: Director, ICU. Tanner Health System

2007-16. Chief Medical Officer. Greenway Health

2016: Joined US MedClinic team.