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All Testing Available, Same Day, All hours.

Outside Physician Orders Accepted.

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H. Pylori

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Primary Care:

We can help you manage of a variety of medical conditions; the most common conditions we treat are High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, and Thyroid dysfunction. We see a range of severity from comprehensive yearly wellness exams to diagnosing life-threatening conditions requiring urgent hospital transfers.

Urgent Care:

For all life's little emergencies, we can handle most urgent care medical concerns such as initial fracture management, laceration repair, to common colds or strep throat. On-site x-ray and labs. We can give IV Fluids if needed.

Occupational Medicine:

We offer a wide range of occupational health services. We perform DOT commercial driver exams, employment exams, drug screens, work-related injury management and treatment. We will do our best to help your company's needs. Because we do not process insurance and our prices are affordable,may businesses avoid reporting and points, saving them precious workers comp dollars.  

Dermatology Services:

We offer dermatology services such as lesion excision, biopsy, destruction, wart removal, rash diagnosis and treatment, acne treatment, chemical peels, etc.

Cosmetics & SkinMedica Solutions:

At consultation, we devise a treatment plan using various products to improve complexion and facial features. We are a certified Botox Cosmetic and SkinMedica distributor and provider.

Our goal with our cosmetic clinic is to allow patients to "Age Gracefully"

Services / Exams / Procedures /  Labs / X-Ray / Hearing

*We DO NOT process insurance at our clinic*

Hearing Center

NEW Hearing Aid Sales:

Testing: Specific hearing aids work best for different types and severity of hearing loss. We will perform a variety of tests to determine which aid is best suited for your type of hearing loss, budget, and lifestyle.

Custom Fitting:  We want to make sure your hearing aids are comfortable for years to come, so we fit your hearing aids to your unique ear shape and size to ensure they will stay in place.

Programming - Your new hearing aids must be tuned to fit your exact level of hearing loss, and adjusted from time to time to match any additional changes in your hearing.

Over 20 years of expertise and personal care will be difficult to match at big box stores.

Hearing Exams:

Baseline testing.

Evaluate Hearing Loss

Worker / Company / Occupational testing


For all makes of hearing aids with 6 month or 12 month warranty

Custom Ear Molds:

Musicians / Singers

Swimmers / Water Sports

Pilots / Airline

Shooters / Gun Users & Spectators


Cerumen Management

Hearing aid battery sales.